Yuki the last chimera

Kawaii\'s backstory part 2



My nose twitches as I slowly start to wake up. As my eyes slowly open so do my senses along with the tickling sensation coming from the hairs of my mothers tail against my nose. Suddenly my eyes snap shut as my head goes forward letting out what other people would think as a cute sneeze. I slowly get up and look towards my mother seeing if I accidentally woke her up. Good, I see that she is still asleep so as carefully as I can I tiptoe out of the small little burrow and give myself a big shake to get all of the bugs and leaves off of me.

Mother is not really a morning person and loves to sleep late most days but even though shes tired she still forces herself to have the energy to play with me. Knowing this fills my heart with joy. Ive been planning something special for over a week now and its finally time, todays the day. My mother works hard to get us both food and she even dug up this burrow all by herself while I was out chasing a illusion butterfly. They like to use illusions to make more pictures of themselves so predators will have a harder time killing them. Which just so happens to make them the perfect creatures to chase.

Ive chased tons of them befor in many different forests. In one forest I found a abnormally large illusion butterfly bigger that was even bigger than my mother, for some reason the thing was mad and my mom had to help me escape. Maybe it was because of that small butterfly I ate, hmmmm well anyway as I was saying me and my mother are what we like to call roamers. We don stay in one place for very long, usually we stay in a burrow or cave for about a week before we move again. I don like roaming. Every time we roam my mothers smell always changes.

I smell fear mixed with anxiety in her scent. I dont know why she worries so much and every time I try to ask she just changes the subject although one time she let something slip although I don know what she meant. She had mumbled under her breath something about a dragon and trevenge. I don know what kind of creature this revenge is but I do know what a dragon is. Ive always wanted to meet one, the stories of how they were the strongest creatures in the whole forest and could even take down a human. Soooooo awesome, me and my mother ran into a human one time, a pointy stick came out of nowhere and pierced my mothers leg.

We barely escaped. But if we had been dragons then that human would have been toast. But for some reason my mother dislikes dragons and every time there mentioned I smell fear coming off of her. So today Id like to surprise her. Ive been tracking down a great horned rabbit for the past six days and finally found its borrow. Mother will be so surprised whenever I bring home lunch. I look back at my mom sleeping soundly as a smile bloomed on my face. (( SCENE SKIP)) Flowers swing with the wind as the smell of freshly bloomed roses, and dandelions travel over the flowery field.

My head ducks low under the tall grass as I see the bunny poke its head out of its burrow making sure the coast is clear. Unfortunately I can attack the bunny head on thanks to our major size difference. I mean like seriously, Im barely bigger than its head much less its whole body. Which is why I decided to go with a sneak attack. After about 5 minutes of checking to make sure there was no danger around the bunny slowly moves forward as to not alert any predators of its presence.

The bunny starts to move forward at a faster pace as it starts heading to the edge of the field where its favorite meal is just waiting to be eaten, carrots. My eyes follow the bunny as it gets closer to the meal and closer to my hiding spot. The bunny stops ten feet away from me where a green of especially ripe carrots were gathered. Suddenly the bunny starts to dig trying to find the hidden vegetable under the ground. Its horns slowly start to rotate on top of its head turning into a many drill that apparently is strangely very silent.

The bunny then moved its head against the grown suddenly making tiny bits of duty fly everywhere converting its vision and thats when I knew it was my chance. I slowly started creping forward careful to not make any vibrations in fear of it running away. With my small body I only got one chance to kill it before it runs away. I slowly get up behind it and whenever Im only about 3 feet away I pounce. claws outstretched and teeth apart I grab into its back and start biting and scratching as much as I can. The bunny instantly bolts and starts trying to shake me off but I hang on.

My claws are latched onto its back and with great determination my teeth lock around its neck and bite down. The skin is very thick for my little teeth but I don give up and neither does the rabbit. Suddenly the rabbit stops and slams into its back breaking my leg in the process but even with this pain I remember the image of making my mother smile as I handle this special kill and hang on. As the rabbit once again slams its back into the grown I use that moment to lock down my teeth as hard as I can. and as my head hurts the friend and my mouth closes, the extra wait from the rabbit was just enough to help my teeth brake through its hard skin and puncture its artery. My mouth fills with the blood of the rabbit as my mouth forms into a smile.

Even though the pain from my broken leg banged against my mind the thought of making my mother happy made me decide to move. My teeth locked around the rabbit and even with my incredibly small size I was able to lift it up. I turned my head towards home and started to walk the painful way back.

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