in a unknown place in the day I was reincarnated theres a man and a women talking

”are you sure he the right one? ”

a women voice said.

”yes hes the one. ”

the man said.

”still I don understand why you chose him. you couldve have chosen any powerful and talented people in this world but why chose a another worlder. ”

”and not only that he has been living in a world that is much more peaceful then here. ”

the women said in a frustrated voice.

”there are many reasons I chose him but the two main reasons I chose him is. first hes talented and can easily adopt into a new environment but if he didn I think I may have overestimated him and the second reason is he can received my divine blessing without dying there other reason but thats the main reason. ”

”ohh I see but what are we gonna do if the other finds out. that we break a divine rule the rule says that we are forbidden to summon a being outside they
e original world. ”

”don worry we didn break any rules. ”

the women look at the man confused.

and in the man face form a small smile.


I woke up and saw a stone celling. i sit up and tried to remember what happened.

i think I was fighting the shadow wolf but got hit really hard and after that I use my gift and defeated it and then past out.

i think I passed out in the magic circle but where is this.

i looked around and saw that this place is different. there are lights and there is a bed. Im sitting in a round bed but I remember laying in the cold stone floor.

i then shouted

”is someone there!! ”

but theres no response

i think the person who brought me here is out for a moment

i stand up and look for the door but I don see a door

i look around and thought.

his room is so spacious.

i then saw a glowing crystal I came closer at the glowing crystal in the edge of the wall.

the crystal was glowing blue. it look so beautiful up close. i then decided to take one back home.

after taking one crystal I heard a open a something open

i look at where the noise came from and see a part of the wall was opened and then a large black panther came inside.

the black panther have really dark fur and have red glowing eyes and I think its much bigger then the Shadow wolf I previously fight.

but who is the owner of this place and that black panther.

is it a pet.

ut who who will take a black panther as a pet its too dangerous. and this panther look much stronger then me. one hit from its paw and Im dead. ”

”hey are you okay you passed out form overexerted your body. ”

i then heard a man voice

”you have drain all your magic power so you have been asleep for 2 days. ”

”ah. thank you for talking care of me all this time. ”

i thanks the man and ask

”where are you? ”

i asked and the man response

”look down. ”

i look down and saw the black panther.

”are you surprised that a beast is talking. ”

i stumbled and fall on the floor

”hahaha. i- is th- this a joke. ”

i laughed nervously

”no this is not a joke. this is real. ”

the Panther said.

”th- then wh- wha- what are you? ”

i said in a trembling voice

”although theres not much people who know what species I am but I feel youll know. ”

he turn around and laid on the bed

”Im a divine beast. ”

”WHAT!!! ”

i shouted in shock

hes a divine beast?!

why the most powerful type of beast is here.

there are three type of beast in the world monster, magical beast and divine beast

a monster is a beast that doesn have magical power just like the shadow wolf.

monster usually ranked H to E.

the second type is a magical beast.a magical beast is a beast that have magical power or have mana and magical beast have higher intelligent then a monster and they can be tamed there are another race that have a skill that can tamed them.

the last one is a divine beast. divine beast is a magical beast that had gotten a blessing from a god because of this they lived for thousand of years and they have higher intelligence then humans thats why they can speak human language.

and they always not show they
e self and they don like associating they
e self to any living being.

thats why divine beast are so rare even in the novel there was only one divine beast that was shown.

thats why Im shock why a divine beast is helping me he should have avoided or ignored me.

i ask the divine beast.

”why are you helping me? ”

he replied.

”i helped you because I can smell a familiar scent form you. ”

familiar scent?

i smell my self but I smell like blood

”no I mean your mana smell familiar. ”

my mana? what does he mean

”I can smell a blessing from your mana. ”

blessing? smell? mana?

the divine beast look at me making some weird face and thought.

does he really have a divine blessing.

”i can smell being that have received divine blessing and I can smell one from you. but i can indentify what god blessed you. ”

someone blessed me but I don remember meeting any god except the one who sent me a message.

”but why are you telling me this. ” i ask

”because im curious to know what god has blessed you. ”

”sorry to say this but I don know who blessed me. ”

”what do you mean you don know. ”

the divine beast ask in confusion.

”because the one who blessed me didn say anything about himself so i don know what kind of god who blessed me. ”

”WHAT? you got blessed but don know who blessed you!! ”

the divine beast shouted in shock.

i look down and replied

”yes. ”

”haaa. i need to calm down. ok what did that god even given you? ”

”I do- don know. ”

the divine beast use his paw to cover his eyes in frustration.

”when I look at my status window it only showed me question mark. ”

”oh and the god has rank up my gift to S rank. ”

the divine beast moved his ears towards me in interest

”my gift is a dark type. ”

the divine beast remove its paw that was covering his eyes and look at me and said.

”your gift is a dark type? ”

i answer ”yes. ”

”and that god rank up your dark type gift? ”

”yes. ”

the divine beast though to himself

so that god can rank up a dark type gift thats mean he was the one who blessed him

and then he received a message for his god

after reading it he look at me and said.

”hey human let me follow you. ”

”WHAT!? ”

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