s wife .

”and where else could she be ,she went to attend some house party at her friends place ”Helena replied with a shrug .

”we have a journey ahead of us tomorrow yet shes busy partying am not letting her into my car when she will be all pukes tomorrow ”Gerald said getting his cup of tea from his wife while heading for his study .

”well its not like she sharing with you a car after all and shes of age ”Ivy shot making everyone look at her while she gave them a looking asking what.

”so we are really leaving ” while leaving the living room heading for the stairs she shot their mother a last look to prepare herself for the journey .

”don forget to pack my things too girl ”Ivy shouted from the living room .

”** you is your ass stuck from that seat ”Xivara replied open her bedroom door before she heard her mum say ”language girl ”.

”whatever ”she mumbled while heading towards her bed slumping her full body on it .

After a few minutes of resting she rose from her bed and moved to where her closet was begun removing all clothes that were there .she packed all her clothes in her suitcases and the other things in boxes like her books and novels she wouldn bare leaving them behind . [as the way am done here I think I should take a shower and sleep am soo tired ]she then headed towards the bathroom went to the stink took out a tooth brush and paste brushed her teeth clean stripped put her clothes a side then went under the shower opened the tap and water begun splash in her tender pale body got her hair shampoo [how comes I haven packed all these]put some in brown hair and begun massaging her sculp slowly until she made sure it was clean got a sponge and begun rubbing her body slowly until she was all covered with soap went under the shower and rinsed all soap off while leaning against the wall slightly closing her eyes [should i or I shouldn ]she thought while looking at the door and bathtub repeatedly ”oh no the tub wins guess I should deep myself in the water for a few minutes ]strolled lazily towards the bathtub opened the water after making sure it was enough she closed the tap then put the first foot in the water followed by the second after sighing loudly sat down covering the whole of her body with foam apart from her head she which leaned at the edge of the tub, sitting there in her own world thinking of some many things that she didnt realise when sleep evaded her eyes .

many many many many moments later,opening her eyes slightly [ did I just doze off ]*sigh*[guess am tired let me go and have some rest ]she then rose from the water wrapped a towel around her chest and another around her head to dry her hair while strolling out of the bathroom headed towards the closet got the remaining clothes a had left for the night a t-shirt and shorts wore them dried her hair properly then hopped into bed .

”what a tiresome day today has been ”Xivara said while yawning pulled the blanket covering herself then slept off.


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