open ,ohhh she pasted through the window ]

”sweetie wake up its already 7 am remember we gat to leave early inoder to reach early ok and breakfast is ready come eat before it becomes cold ok… ”her mum shouted from behind the door then left .

Xivara lazily headed towards the bathroom brushed her teeth wiped her face clean then headed towards the shower bathed swiftly and left the bathroom went towards the closet picked up the only clothes that were remaining there black tight pants and a white t-shirt and a black jacket then wore simple sneakers and lastly tied her long brown hair into a ponytail wore no makeup since her beauty was enough to compel whoever looked at her [there now ready to go ] she thought staring at herself in the mirror [ohh no one more thing ]after seeing her naturally red eyes she picked up her hazel contacts and place them inside her eyes since they would probably meet humans wherever they were to go ,after making sure that everything was packed she headed towards the stairs then the dinning.

”good morning ”said taking a seat .

”did Viana come back last night ”Ivy asked lazily taking a bit of her ragi cookie .

”she did ”while taking a sip of her coffee with fizz .Everyone was seated at the dinning apart from Viana who probably was facing a hangover at the moment now .

”hey little pixie don tell me your hearing abilities are nolonger working lately that you didn hear Viana shouting at night ”Caden muttered taking a bite on his toast while looking at Ivy with a smirk .

”shut it block head ”with a wink Ivy replied smirking at Caden.

”what did you just call me ”

”big brother hahaha ,whatever I just wanted to know whether shes around and safe ”Ivy mumbled rolling her eyes .

”and how comes I can see anything ”Viana stated moving into the room while leaning against the wall for support .

”its because your hair is covering your face and eyes ”her dad replied looking at her briefly .

”huh … ”pushing her hair lazily out of the face she headed towards the table and took a seat then said ”good morning and my head hurts as ** ”.

”language girl ” her mum cried out passing her some scrambled eggs and bacon her favorite.

”thanks mum ”Viana said gulping down a glass of water Caden had passed to her.

”so you had fun huh ”

”of course ,I always do am not like you guys who like indoors 24/7 even on a weekend. ”Viana replied flatly taking the last bite of her breakfast .

”its because I could end up sucking all humans i meet dry ”Ivy replied

”I see …ouch ”Viana screamed holding her head . [the ** I **ed up last night]

”Viana are you fine ”their asked in a concerned tone .

”yeah ,yeah am fine ”replied waving her hands ”its just a little headache ”

”let me get you some tablets give me just a sec ”their mum suggested heading towards the door then to her room to get the medicine .

”can I ask you a question Viana ”

”sure ”looking at Ivy

”are you a vampire ”

”… ”

”… ”

”has anything sensible ever left your mouth Ivy ”their spat passing the medicine to Viana and a glass of water .

”well shes so fragile its hard to believe shes one of us ”Ivy replied while shrugging .

”… ”

”am sorry Xivara I know I **ed up last night ”Viana said smiling guilty at her.

”its fine ”


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