After Lu Xiaoyings delay, it was too early for class time.Lu Yun came out of the woods depressed, thinking that he would be cleaned up by the head teacher anyway when he went to class.

After locking the car, carrying half a bag of wheat, he entered Aunt Lius canteen.

”Xiaoyun, why didn you go to class? Let your third uncle know, its not a slap in the ass. ” Widow Liu, who was busy packing the goods, heard someone entering the house, and looked up to see that it was Lu Yun. , could not help reminding him aloud.

Lu Yun didn dare to tell him that he was absent from school. He turned his head and frowned: ”Aunt Liu, I…my stomach hurts, it hurts badly. Do you have any medicine? ”

When Widow Liu heard this, she hurriedly put down her work and strode over to look at Lu Yun and said, ”It was fine just now, why is it that my stomach hurts now? Its not because of eating popsicles… ” Suddenly seeing the stains on his chest, she was shocked. Said, ”You don fight with people, do you get so dirty. ”

”No, I really have a stomachache… Oh, it hurts to death. Aunt Liu, hurry up and look for it. Do you have any medicine? ” Dense beads of sweat came out.

Widow Liu panicked when she saw it, and hurriedly helped Lu Yun to sit on the small bench: ”Wait, auntie will find it for you. – Lovers Pavilion -Read- Lovers Pavilion - ”

Widow Liu rummaged through the box, but she couldn find a single pill, so she couldn help but hurriedly said, ”Xiaoyun, wait here, my aunt will go out and buy it for you. ”

”Forget it, there are still three or four miles from here to the town. How dangerous it is for you to go out alone so late. ” Lu Yun Xiaozui Bei Tian.

”Then aunt will make you a bowl of brown sugar water first. ”

Widow Liu said that she moved a small bench, stood on it, reached out to touch the shelf, and muttered, ”I remember it seemed to be put here, why not.

Widow Liu wore a very simple dress today, a long floral dress, revealing her white and tender calf, without any trace of time, just like the family of an 18-year-old girl. She searched for a long time, but couldn find it, so she stood on the counter and searched the shelves one by one. Step by step, he walked slowly, but he didn want the skirt to be too wide. Suddenly, Lu Yun looked upside down. Lu Yunxin ignited a flame, this Widow Lius figure, with a bulging front and back, is a charming thing. Especially this kind of posture, you should see it, you should see it, you shouldn see it, you should see it. Without blinking, the little brother raised his head. – Lovers Pavilion -Reading- Lovers Pavilion – swallowed hard, and was suddenly startled by Widow Lius voice. It turned out to be found. The things were a little far apart. Widow Liu raised one leg, stood on one foot, stretched out her hands, and wanted to take things with all her might, but did not notice that Lu Yuns eyes were staring like light bulbs. Exciting, so exciting. Lu Yun only had this word in his mind. The lines are drawn tightly, ups and downs, and the charm of women is unobstructed. Lu Yuns breathing became heavier, and he couldn hold back the impulse in his heart, and he almost took out a gun and went into battle.

”I found it. ” Widow Liu cried happily.

”Xiaoyun, where are your eyes looking? ” Widow Liu took the brown sugar and was about to get off the counter when she saw Lu Yun raised his head and looked at her intoxicated. Thinking of the posture when he was holding the candy just now, his face suddenly turned red like a ripe apple.

”Uh… ” Lu Yun was startled and stammered, ”No, I didn see anything. ” He immediately lowered his head and drew circles on the ground.

”Little Guitou, he learned to peek at women before his hair has grown. Its not a good thing to grow up. ” Widow Liu thought of the place where she was missed by countless men, and was inadvertently seen by the little Guitou in front of her. , not only did not get angry, but giggled.

Lu Yun lowered his head and did not dare to answer, for fear that she would report to the head teacher. – Lovers Pavilion -Read- Lovers Pavilion -kankankan8

”Why don you say it? Have the courage to watch it, but don have the courage to admit it. ” Widow Liu smiled and came to Lu Yun, squatted down, her snow-white legs were spread openly, ”If you want to see it, Its enough to see, aunt is not a good family woman. ”

Lu Yun glanced secretly, and then lowered his head again: ”Auntie, Im sorry, I didn mean it. Its all my father Lu Feng, thats why you became like this. ”

Widow Liu gave a miserable laugh and sighed: ”Beautiful face, your stomach still hurts, if it doesn hurt, go back to class quickly. ”

”Aunt, Im still in severe pain, and I can go to class at all. Can I take a break with you? ” Lu Yun was sweating profusely. Usually, he was suffocated, but the other half was scared.

”Okay, then, aunt will pour you a bowl of water to drink, and then go to the back room to lie down. ” Widow Liu stood up and made a bowl of brown sugar water and handed it to Lu Yun.

After Lu Yun drank a few sips, he followed Widow Liu into the back room and lay on a single bed.

Widow Liu had a few words with him and went out to pack the goods.

Lu Yun was lying on the bed, his eyes were rolling, he was hooked by Xiaoyings nanny, and now he was teased by Widow Liu again.

”Xiaoyun, do you want something to eat? How about some noodles for you? ”

When Widow Lius voice came, Lu Yuns eyes rolled to his heart, and he exclaimed in pain, ”Auntie, I… Im in severe pain. ”

”Why, its still hurting? Maybe its sha, Ill push you. ” Widow Liu hurried in, looking at Lu Yun who was rolling in pain on the bed, and said in a hurry.

Lu Yun was lying on the bed obediently, and Widow Liu didn think much about it, she rode directly onto Lu Yun, put her hands on his back, and pushed hard a few times from top to bottom.

After a few crisp clicks, Lu Yun shouted, ”Auntie, I really have sha, and Im much better now. ”

”You are really a troublemaker. ” Widow Liu scolded and slapped Lu Yuns head.

Lu Yun closed his eyes and said with a smile, ”Auntie, your hands are so soft that it doesn hurt at all. ”

”Stop talking nonsense with you, my aunt is still busy, lie down by yourself. ” Widow Liu said she was about to get off Lu Yun.

”Auntie, don . ” Lu Yun suddenly turned over and said urgently.

Widow Liu was caught off guard, and with a sigh, she fell on the inside of the bed and scolded: ”You stinky boy, you turned over without saying a word, you fell to death. ”

”Auntie, Im uncomfortable, you let me do it once. ” Lu Yun opened his blood-red eyes and hugged Widow Liu like a hungry wolf.

Widow Liu was stunned for a moment, then giggled: ”I knew for a long time that your kid was staying here, and he didn have a good heart. The door is still open, so you are not afraid of someone suddenly breaking in and stabbed the principal with what you want to do. fire you? ”

Lu Yun smiled and said, ”Aunt, you did it on purpose when you took the brown sugar just now. Let me see. You are not afraid of instigating juveniles to commit crimes. What am I afraid of? ”

”Stinky boy, I have a lot of heart. But I can give it to you now. Wait until school is over. Come to me, and I will teach you a lesson. ” Widow Liu struggled to get up and touched it. Lu Yun had long ago Babies who pitched tents.

”Okay then. ” Lu Yun sighed.

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