”Jingle Bell… ”

The piercing bell finally rang, Lu Yun rolled over, jumped up from the bed, and slammed the door shut.

Safety comes first. His classmates would find out that he didn go to class and hid in Widow Lius house, so he didn need to continue reading this book.

As always, after the evening self-study, the canteen quickly became overcrowded, as if Widow Liu sold things without money.

Summer is good.

While sighing, Lu Yun passed through the crack of the door and kept swiping on the girl.

”Isn this Zhang Tingting from the third and first class of junior high school? This little girl wears so little, she must be trying to seduce a good friend… ”

”Hey, who is that, whats your name, can you take it easy when you rub your chest, I didn see that the little sister just developed, the two groups on the chest are plump and not yet grown, you will be rubbed into an airport, you Can you afford it? ”

”Oh, Zhang Tingting, you are a little bastard. You are so happy to be eaten by tofu. I rub it… I knew this earlier, and my brother took care of you earlier.

”Damn, Li Chu, you and his ys usual people look like a dog, how can you reach out and grab our squad leaders little ass… ”

What Lu Yun saw in the back room was depressing, and he wished to rush out immediately to be more addicted to his hands, but he thought that he would be able to go back and forth with real guns and ammunition in a while, and the thought that was just around the corner was suppressed immediately.

After busying for half an hour, the group of students dispersed. Lu Yun was excited to open the door when a tall figure suddenly appeared in the canteen: ”Xulian, when you
e done, get me a pack of cigarettes. ”

When Lu Yun heard this voice, his whole body shivered coldly, and he cursed inwardly: What are you doing here, damn old guy, could it be that you are here to grab a woman from the young master? This content is the text content of Chapter 05 of the Country Girl!

”Oh, its Principal Wang, why are you here at this time? ” Widow Liu raised her voice deliberately, and glanced at the back room intentionally or unintentionally.

”No more cigarettes, get me a pack of cigarettes. ”

”Still need a muscle? ”

”Ah, this cigarette is strong. – Lovers Pavilion – Reading – Lovers Pavilion - ” Principal Wang smiled and lowered his voice, ”Just like you, once you smoke it, you will never forget it. ”

Lu Yun clawed at the crack of the door, and happened to see Principal Wang staring at Widow Liu with a wretched face.

”You are the principal, how can I get in your eyes as a broken flower and a willow? ” Widow Liu walked into the counter and took out a pack of cigarettes and handed them over.

When Principal Wang took the cigarette, he grabbed Widow Lius fair hand and said anxiously, ”Xiulian, Ive been mad for days, do you want me to come here tonight? ”

As soon as Lu Yun heard this, he secretly screamed bad, you and Aunt Liu came back and forth, then what should I do? In a hurry, the hand clinging to the crack of the door slipped and made a crisp sound.

”What sound? ” Principal Wang turned around and looked at the back room with a wary expression.

Widow Liu hurriedly said, ”Maybe its a mouse. These days, many mice can eat cats, so theres no fuss about it. ”

Principal Wang nodded, kneading Widow Lius little hand, and said sensually, ”Xiulian, you haven answered me yet, can you give me a good night tonight? ”

”I can do it tonight. Im on my period. Lets go in a few days. – Lovers Pavilion – Read – Lovers Pavilion - ” Widow Liu prevaricates.

Principal Wang became anxious when he heard it, and shouted, ”Didn you just come a few days ago, why are you here again? ”

”It wasn made by you stinky men. This aunt came as soon as she said it, and no one was on time. I don care, you have to take me to the county town for a checkup later, don get infected by you. . ” Widow Liu rolled her eyes at him and said angrily.

”Thats fine, Ill endure it for a few more days, and when you make me feel better, Ill take you to the hospital for a checkup right away. ” Principal Wang sighed dejectedly, ”I have a checkup every two months, and I haven found any illness. , its not that you messed with other men and made something wrong. ”

”Bah! You old man, what do you think of me, bitch? ” Widow Liu waited for a pair of phoenix eyes and scolded, ”You have almost done all the female teachers in the school, and you are not afraid of God. Retribution, thunder and kill you old pervert. ”

”Yes, Xiulian, Im afraid you can do it. Im wrong, Ill take care of you. ” When Principal Wang bowed, he stretched out his hand and squeezed Widow Lius chest, hehe laughed, ” the school said. Those female teachers, if you have half your time, I will burn high incense, I will go first, you take good care of yourself.

As soon as Principal Wang left, Widow Liu ran out of the counter and closed the door. Before walking to the door of the inner room, he whispered: ”Xiaoyun, the old thing has gone, you open the door. ”

Lu Yun opened the door, lay down on the bed, and said blankly, ”Aunt Liu, you really have an affair with the principal. ”

”Whats wrong? ” Widow Liu said with a smile, ”You
e still jealous, didn you still do shameless things with your third aunt? ”

Lu Yuns head was stunned, how many people did the third aunt tell about their relationship?

”How could I be jealous? If I want to eat it, I will only eat Aunt Lius. ” Lu Yun avoided the conversation and looked at the two plump bumps on Widow Lius chest with a wretched smile.

Widow Liu laughed and scolded: ”Little pervert, he will molest women at such a young age, and he must be a nuisance when he grows up. ” As she spoke, she walked towards Lu Yun.

”Aunt, don say it, isn there an old saying – peony flowers are also romantic when they die. ” Lu Yun couldn wait to get up and hug Widow Liu, with the unique charm of a mature woman, which instantly turned Lu Yunchongs fire into flames. high.

”Take it easy… ”

Lu Yun held it back for so long, how could he care so much? He rubbed the two plumes with his right hand through his clothes, and said with a chuckle, ”Xiulian, your stuff is much bigger than my third aunts. Its like steamed buns ”

”Little devil, did you call Xiulian too? Alas, I told you to lighten it up, and no one robbed you. Why are you working so hard, what will you eat in the future if you pinch it… ”

”I wanted to call you Xiulian for a long time, and you can touch me too. ” Lu Yun pushed Widow Liu against the wall, not only did not stop with his right hand, but rubbed it harder.

”Whatever you touch, its not the same thing. All of them are like eggplants beaten by Shuang, and they are not useful. ” Widow Liu hummed, and squeezed it provocatively.

”This… so big? ” Widow Liu put her hand on Lu Yuns crotch and looked at him in surprise, ”You… how old are you, this thing is not as big as the adults in the village? ”

”Xiulian. ” Lu Yun nibbled on the neck of her white flowers and smiled, ”Don look at it, our village is called Cheng Eunuch Village, and the men in the village are big enough just because of this name. Its not going anywhere. They
e soil guns, and Im an imported k47, not a grade. ”

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