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Top Ten Famous Tools

Widow Liu gave Lu Yun a charming look and said with a smile, ”Can you touch it yourself? ”


Lu Yun was stunned for a moment, and immediately put his hand into the jungle again, still carefully exploring, groping for a long time, except for the more turbulent spring water in the gully, there was no other discovery, not only looked at Liu Widow with a confused face

Could it be that she deliberately played with me? !

”Idiot, can you try it with your fingers? ” Widow Liu looked at Lu Yuns expression with extreme contempt, and her flushed cheeks were filled with the words ”You are an idiot ”.

Lu Yun scratched his head embarrassedly, and said aggrievedly: ”If you don say it, how would I know. ”

Following Widow Lius instructions, Lu Yuns fingers once again came to the gully overflowing with spring water. He pushed aside the soft and dense jungle to find a spring. His fingers paused for a while, and then he proceeded to the unknown mysterious area without hesitation.

Disadvantages of apprenticeship!

Lu Yun frowned, his fingers clearly encountered obstacles at the springs eye, and a strong sense of oppression suddenly hit, and it was difficult to move forward. – Lovers Pavilion -Read- Lovers Pavilion -kankankan8

”Aunt, you…why are you so tight… ” Lu Yun was confused.

Widow Liu smiled arrogantly: ”Little devil, now you know whats special about Auntie. Go in gently, don use too much force. ”

Lu Yun nodded, adjusted his posture, and launched a second attack with his fingers. This time, Lu Yun didn rush forward, and his fingers slowly advanced, taking every step of the way, gradually breaking through the sultry obstacle, and a little finger slipped smoothly into the spring.

”Well…its so comfortable… ” Widow Liu couldn help moaning out.

”Auntie, Xiulian, I have broken through the first layer of obstacles, and the second layer is next. You can enjoy it slowly. ” Although Lu Yuns k47 is rising like iron, he still has patience and slowly explores Widow Liu. What is the beauty of the artifact in the mouth.

”Take it easy, don break it for Aunt. Aunt still expects her to support her in her next life. The content of this book is the content of Chapter 07 of Country Girl. ”

Lu Yun said softly: ”Don worry, Auntie, I won hurt you. – Lovers Pavilion -Read- Lovers Pavilion- ”

Widow Liu did not speak, and closed her eyes, waiting for Lu Yun to attack again.

Lu Yun took a deep breath, soaked his fingers in the spring water for a while, and then regained his energy and went into battle.

The sheep-intestine trail turned back and forth, and Lu Yuns fingers gradually became a little numb, but he had already rushed forward recklessly to pursue the final destination. However, much to his surprise, when Lu Yuns three fingers all penetrated , still did not find the goal of his trip.

”Aunt, why can I find your heart? ” Lu Yun was very depressed. Although he was only thirteen years old, he was 1.68 meters tall, close to 1.7 meters tall, not to mention the length of his palms. .

”Hey, didn Auntie say it, Aunties is an artifact that even women would envy. ” Widow Liu closed her eyes and was very satisfied with Lu Yuns words.

”Auntie, don give a shit, tell me quickly, or you will suffocate me, and you will have nowhere to find someone to purify the fire. ” Lu Yun said while exploring with his fingers, always hoping to be able to rely on his own. The ability to find out the heart of the spring.

”Don waste your time, you won find it. – Lovers Court -Read- Lovers Court - ”

Lu Yun stared at him and suddenly said, ”Auntie, you are not sick. The most important thing for a woman should be cut off by the doctor. ”

”Fuck off. ” Widow Liu opened her eyes and spat, ”You little boy, your mouth is full of curse words, and your third aunts stuff was cut off. ”

Lu Yun smiled and said: ”Who said that my third aunts was cut? Every time I put my finger in it, I can easily touch it. Its Aunt Liu, although I am young, I admit that the length of my fingers is not long. As an adult, why is it that in your spring eyes, you haven even touched the heart of Quan? ”

”Thats because your men are useless, and you still blame me? ” Widow Liu was full of disdain, squeezing the plumpness of her left breast, and questioning Lu Yuns idiot, she was extremely depressed.

Seeing Lu Yuns stuffy gourd-like contemplation, Widow Liu couldn help but say: ”Our womens things are basically the same, isn there an old saying that women are the same except for their skins, turning off the lights at night and going under the quilt are all the same. Things. However, there are exceptions. This one like Auntie is different from other women. It can even be said that there is no such thing as one in ten thousand women. It is not always possible to find a woman with extraordinary talent like Auntie. ”

”Aunt, don let the circle go, and quickly tell whats going on. This content is the text of Chapter 07 of the Country Girl. ” Lu Yunhuo urged as if his buttocks were burning, and the k47 in his crotch was ready to move.

Widow Liu saw Lu Yunhous anxious gesture, snickered, and said, ”Tell you, this treasure has a name, called the Nine Curved Corridor, which is one of the top ten famous tools for women. ”

”Nine-curved corridor? Ten famous artifacts? ” Lu Yun turned over and said coquettishly, ”Good Aunt Liu, good Xiulian, tell me quickly what is the nine-curved corridor, and what are the ten famous artifacts. ”

Widow Liu was overwhelmed by Lu Yuns pressure, and she was about to knock him down when she suddenly felt an iron pestle-like object slamming against her lower abdomen, and a mass of heat rose up in her abdomen, tenderly. Panting: ”You son of a turtle under the egg, you are about to crush the old lady to death. ”

Lu Yun snorted, he didn believe that a woman would be crushed to death by a man, unless the sun came out in the west.

Seeing that Lu Yun was indifferent to her begging for mercy, Widow Liu finally said: ”The so-called ten famous weapons are naturally the collective name for our womens place, but these ten famous weapons are not what ordinary women want to have. These are all based on nature and cannot be faked. ”

”Did you feel any difference between me and your third aunt just now? ”

Lu Yun nodded and said, ”it just feels more urgent than my third aunts. But the third aunt is better than the child. You don . This may be the difference between you two. ”

”Cut. Lets be a layman. ” Widow Liu snorted softly and said to herself, ”The ten famous artifacts are: One Blossoming Show, Ruyan Shuangfei, Three Spring Water, Four Seasons Jade Vortex, Five Dragons Playing Pearls, Ambush from Six Sides, Seven Orifices Exquisite , Bafang Wind and Rain, Jiuqu Corridor, Ten Heavenly Palace. These ten famous artifacts, no matter what kind, are all mens dreams, even if you are a multi-millionaire, if you don have adventures, you will be hard to meet in your life. Now you This kid, accidentally met my aunt, and you have the luck of eight lifetimes. ”

”Aunt, what are the good things about these ten great artifacts you mentioned? I don think there is anything special about them except that they are tighter than the third aunt. ” Lu Yun knew that Widow Liu had only said half of what he said. , not only moved out the third aunt to stimulate her.

”Stinky boy, you really don know your blessings in the midst of blessings. Prick your ears and listen…you, if you pinch lightly, you will be crushed… ” Widow Liu was about to explain in detail what the ten famous weapons were. Lu Yuns hands became dishonest again, kneading recklessly on her arrogant Feng Ting, as if it was not a piece of meat, but a piece of dough.

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