I wake up to the early morning light as I am greeted with the warmth of a fuzzy body. I gently open my eyes only to be started with the sight of a giant tail wrapped around me. It was white and soft, which meant it came from Milori. My heart started to race as the thought of me cuddling with the handsome man came to my mind.

Heat started to flush my face as I quickly moved away from Milori. With the sudden movement I watched as Miloris eyes opened to look at me. ”Uh, morning Milori. ” I nervously chirp only to be startled by his sudden transformation into a human form. My face heats up even more at the sight of the thing, in-between his legs.

”I-uh um… ” I lose my train of thought as embarrassment fills my head, trying to look anywhere but at Milori. ”.. morning female. ” Milori responded in a gentle voice. As I heard it my heart beat faster a thought crossed my mind. ”Imagine if he said that while you two were still cuddling. ” My mind hummed with that thought before I tried coming back to my senses.

”Just cover your eyes or turn around, Stupid! ” I yelled at my off-track mind and stared at the wall behind Milori. ”Female, are you alright? You
e not sick, are you? ” Milori asked in a soothing and gentle tone. ”I-no, Im not sick… ” I replied in a nervous voice as Milori walked closer to me. ”Bro please back up! My heart and perverted mind can take this! Why are you- ” before I could finish my thought, Milori gently pressed the back of his hand against my forehead.

e very hot and sweaty, ” Milori mumbled into my face as he leaned down to my level. ”Are you- ” before Milori could finish his thought Ethan came into the cave buck naked. I quickly shield my eyes. ”Damn it! Why!? ” I accidentally squeaked out loud as I hid my embarrassed face. Milori shot a quick glance at me before looking at Ethan.

”I didn expect you to wake up so early, ” Ethan stated indifferently. ”Well thats good, it means I didn have to wake you, ” Ethan continued to say as he walked over to kick the sleeping brown wolf awake. ”Corwin wake up, its time to eat. ” Ethan shouted as he continued to kick the sleeping wolf. The brown wolf awakens and moves out of the way from Ethans kick.

The wolf stretched his body as if he had been gently shaken. ”All right! alright! I get it. ” Corwin yawns in frustration before looking at me with sleepy eyes. ”Morning female, I hope you slept well. ” Corwin smiles at me before walking out. In his wolf form he seems like a faint puppy. I smile at that thought before turning back to face Milori to find he is already outside.

”Dang, how fast does he move? ” I quietly ask myself before thinking back to last night. After I was done cleaning the food that fell onto the ground Milori came to fetch me from the creek side. Once we got back they realised how badly my hands were burned and scolded Corwin in front of me. The questions that they wanted to ask were saved for the morning due to the awkward tension and tired look on my face.

”Female, come and eat. We are going to venture out of the forest and back to our pack, ” Ethan days in a matter of fact tone as I see a small roasted bird resting nicely on a leaf. ”You can take the journey with us and if you wish we can find your territory. ” Ethan suggested in a somber tone as they all looked at me.

”That is if you want to stay with us.. ” Corwin mumbles before Milori shoots him a look. I frown at the thought of being left alone again. ”I do not wish to continue on my own, but I have nothing to offer in return. ” I somberly proclaimed as they all looked at me with shock.

e a female, there is no need for payment. It is our job to protect you till you find a pack. ” Corwin stammers out as Ethan and Milori give each other a look. I started to feel the tension in the atmosphere as I tried my best to look confident. ”Female please eat, we want to ask you some questions after youve had your fill. ” Milori says as he walks near me with a reassuring look. My face begins to flush at the look he gave me.

It was like he was a charming prince with that look. His strong yet soft features, white hair that was bright under the early morning light and the kind eyes he had. All of it was enough for my heart to melt. ”A-all right, Ill eat then. ” I awkwardly pushed the words out of my mouth as I began to eat the dry meat.

It was similar to last nights dinner. It had a strong burnt taste with a hard outer shell. The meat was dry and made my eyes water. But despite all that I managed to eat my entire serving. Last night I ate everything they gave me with no hesitation. I was at the verge of starvation, I could turn down the food.

Now that Im eating the burnt poultry without any objections Corwin let out a small laugh. ”Ha! It seems the female is the only one who likes your cooking Ethan! ” The words left Ethan in a brief daze before he continued eating his fill. Milori looks at Ethan for a moment before walking off with a makeshift bowl made from a strip of bark. ”Im going to get some water. ” Milori mumbled under his breath.

I stare at Milori for a moment wondering if he was alright. ”Whats wrong female? Why are you- ” before Corwin could finish asking the question Ethan socked him in the face with a small roasted bird. ”Why don you worry about eating, Corwin? ” Ethan asked in a stern tone before he continued to eat.

An awkward silence fell on the three of us as we finished our portion of the meal. I continued to look around at my surroundings. It still scares me when I look around at the unfamiliar tarrain. I have never been the one who liked the outdoors. I was always annoyed with the bugs, bright sun and wild animals. The only good thing I ever took away from camping was the beautiful sights around me.

Another thought crossed my mind, I haven bathed. I probably smell really bad but Ive grown numb to my own oder. I can even change into clean clothes, Ill just be running around with dirt and sweat covered ones. I let out a sigh with that thought, hoping I can find my way home sooner. ”I miss everyone, I wonder what they are doing right now. Are they looking for me? I hope so. ” I keep to myself as I think these sad thoughts only for it to be interupted by a sudden feeling.

”Ah, I need to go…Ill be right back. ” I nervously mumble before hastily walking into the forest. ”Wait, Female, where are you going? ” Corwin shouts only for me to walk faster into the woods. In the corner of my eye I see Ethan stop Corwin.

I after I feel I have ventured far enough away I begin to dig a hole and let my business be. ”Man I really wish I had a tissue in my pocket, ” I think to myself only to remember how my sweatshirt was destroyed. ”Damn, stupid beast-werewolf man thing! He destroyed my sweatshirt, left me alone in the woods, and even made me drop my food! Jeez, if it weren for that fact he had his looks I would have ripped him a new one. ” I continued to ponder.

Just thinking about the man child, Corwin and his attractive eyes made my heart flutter. I finish up my business and wipe myself with a nearby leaf before pushing the dirt back over the hole. ”I guess this is how its going to be till I get back home. ” I mumble to myself sadly. I begin to walk back to the cave before I realised, ”Im lost. ” I angeryly say to myself as I continued to walk in circles.

”Well, this ain getting me anywhere. ” I think to myself before taking a rest on a patruding rock. ”What am I going to do!? ” I ask myself worryingly before I hear something fly over my head. I startenly jump off the rock and look around to see what it was only to come across nothing. I continue to survey the trees up high as the feeling of someone watching me grows.

Anxiety builds up in my chest and my heart beats fast. ”H-hello? ” I let out in a startled voice but no answer could be heard. My heart continues to beat rapidly as the suspense continues to fule my fears. In the distance I could hear howling. ”Oh please tell me that is one of the brothers. ” I beg an unknown force as the sounds came closer to me.

Studdenly another dashing movement passes over head and narrowly misses me by a hair. After that I didn bother to stick around and I began to run towards the fast approaching animal that is coming my way. I run faster and faster till I run face first into a chest of fluffy hair and Im sent tumbling backwards.

I look up to see its none other than a wolfs silhouette. ”Ah Milori, please tell me thats you! ” I yell as I begin to stand up and face the giant white wolf that stood before me. The wolf stares at me for a while before turning into a Beast-man thing. ”Female, why did you run away? And why are you so scared? ” Milori asks in a concerned and tender tone.

I flush in embarrassment as I try to explain why I left. ”I, uh… needed to relieve myself. ” I say as I brush off the dirt on my arm. Milori at lightning speed beings to grab my arm and check it from injuries. ”Why where you running? ” Milori asks as his face comes closer to me. ”By gods grace, why!? My heart! ” I scream internally as I try not to stare at his face.

”I-I was running from something in the trees. It was flying over head so I got scared and ran towards your calls. ” I admit to my fear as I turned away embarrassed. I could feel Miloris intense gaze as it was long and intimidating.

This intense look how ever was short lived as I could hear two other howls in the distance. ”We were worried when you took off so suddenly female, you should stay closer to us in the future. ” Milori gently scolded me before answering the howling wolves.

”My name.. ” I awkwardly started to say and Milori quickly turned his head in confusion. ”What about it? ” Milori asks before I could continue. ”Gosh darn it if we are all going to travel together its about time youve said my name. ” I angeryly thought to myself before I answered Miloris question. ”Please call me by my name. It is Avery. ” I say with a gentle smile, as I try to forget about the terrifying experience with my unknown attacker.

Milori seemed to pause for a moment as his eyes locked mine with a warm gaze. It seemed to last long and sent a nervous smile to form on my face. Miloris grip seemed to get tighter too as the moments lasted. But all of this was soon short lived with a sudden crash through the bush sent a shock through my body.

I turn to see both Corwin and Ethan in their wolf forms. Both seemed to be out of breath. ”Female, why did you suddenly walk off? ” Corwin rushed to my side in a worried tone before his nose danced around in the air. ”Female, whats that smell? ” Corwin asked in a curious manner and in return my face instantly flushed.

”Yeah, your scent seems different now. ” Ethan chimes in as Corwin proceeds to turn into a human form. As he did so my perverted eyes instantly fell onto the thing in between his legs. My face flushes more so at the sight of this and I cover my eyes. Before I had the chance to even say anything Corwin grabbed my hair and sniffed it.

”Female…did something happen? ” Corwin asks as I suddenly realise they aren talking about the body odor. ”Yes something did happen- ” I started to say before Miloris eyes shot wildly around the trees and the other two did the same. ”We
e being watched, ” Milori coldly states before turning into a wolf. The other two do the same as they all start to circle around me.

Their eyes darted wildly around the forest scenery. Then suddenly I too felt a cold chill run down my spine. I look up in the direction of this piercing glare. Up high I could see a large figure perched on top of the tree branch. It was hard to make out but the two large fuzzy enteni made it easy for me.

The eyes of this creature locks onto my own as we silently stare at each other. With this a sudden chill runs through my blood and I am left paralysed. Milori soon picked up on this and forced his large body underneath me to knock me to the ground. His eyes looked in the direction I stared at and they suddenly filled with a murderous intent.

Corwin dragged me to my feet before Milori spoke again. ”We need to leave, now! Fe-Avery, get onto Corwin back. He will be carrying you. ” The tone in his voice was serious and purposeful. Everything in my body told me to do as Milori said. With little hesitation I jumped onto Corwin a back, there we proceeded to zoom through the forest.

My body was tightly pressed against Corwin as I dared not to look around us. The speed we were going at made me hardly feel the branches and leaves that brushed up against me. My hair flew wildly as we traveled through the forest. It seemed to go on for an hour before Corwin came to a stop.

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